2018 Officially Endorsed Candidates

Douglas County Republicans have officially endorsed the following candidates for the 2018 General Election:

United States Senate

- Susan Hutchison   url:  https://www.susan4senate.com/

8th Congressional District

- Dino Rossi             url:  https://www.dinorossi.com/

4th Congressional District

- Dan Newhouse             url:  Official Campaign Website

12th Legislative District Position #1

- Keith Goehner       url:  https://keithgoehner.com/

12th Legislative District Position #2

- Mike Steele           url:  Official Mike Steele Website

Douglas County Sheriff

- Kevin Morris          url:  http://www.morris4sheriff.com/

Douglas County Commissioner Position #3

- Marc Straub          url:  https://marcstraub.com/

Douglas County Commissioner Position #3

- Norman Tupling    url:  Facebook Page


Please make sure you are registered and vote Republican in November.

    -Douglas County Republicans