Douglas County Sheriff Kevin Morris releases statement on I-1639

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The statement reads as followed:

"In response to the numerous requests for comment by the media and citizens of Douglas County see the following; I understand the multitude of concerns, questions, and uncertainties raised by the recently passed initiative, I-1639, which alters the existing gun laws throughout Washington State. As the Sheriff of Douglas County, my highest priority is protecting our community and safeguarding the rights of all residents I was elected to represent. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has a proud tradition of common sense policing, a perspective we will continue to apply in our operations as it relates to I-1639.

As Sheriff, I believe strongly in the rules, laws, and constitutions of our State and Nation. These rights form the bedrock of our great Country. Initiative 1639 is currently being challenged through the formal legal process. While the Courts work to determine the legality of the law, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office will continue their work as they always have. We believe in creating enforcement priorities to ensure that we address the most serious problems affecting our residents. We are committed to addressing the opioid epidemic, mental health concerns, and violent crimes, all of which are serious concerns for our strong community.

On Tuesday, November 6, 2018 Douglas County voters elected me to this distinguished post, placing in me their confidences and support. It is now that I ask you to continue to trust me and the distinguished deputies of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office to work tirelessly in protecting your safety and rights. Our first priority is now, and will continue to be, protecting the citizens of Douglas County.


Sheriff Kevin Morris"


Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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As we celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we commit to continue his pursuit of equality, peace, and respect towards one another. These qualities highlight the best of America, because when we are compassionate and treat our neighbors with dignity, we are at our best.

Caleb Hemlich 
Washington State Republican Party

An important messsage from the Douglas County Republicans and Washington State Republican Party.  Uphold Dr. King's message of unity as Americans to make the United States a better place that supports our best self and ideals.


Douglas County Republicans Next Meeting:

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Meeting Information:

Next Meeting: August 5th 2024 (Monday) 

Date:  1st Monday of the Month  

Time:  7pm (approx. 105mins)

Location: 1354 Eastmont Ave., East Wenatchee (Bethel Baptist Church)

Guest Speaker:



This is our regular monthly meeting for the Douglas County Republicans to discuss current issues and agenda items.  Open to all Republicans.

Douglas County Republicans


Douglas County 2018 Election Results

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First off, we want to thank all our volunteers for their hardwork that helped all our Republican candidates in keeping Republican values in Douglas County.  

November 6th, 2018 Election Results

Number of Precincts: 47
Number of Registered Voters: 21,969
Ballots Received: 15,199
Voter Turnout: 69.18%  (12.07% increased over 2014)

Federal Races:

    Susan Hutchison - 63.83% 

    Maria Cantwell - 36.17% *

Congressional Races:

District #4

    Dan Newhouse - 69.44% *

    Christine Brown - 30.56%

District #8

    Dino Rossi - 59.29%

    Kim Schrier - 40.71% *

Legislative Races:

District  #12 Position #1

    Keith Goehner - 61.05% *

    Ann Diamond - 38.95%

District  #12 Position #2

    Mike Steele - 69.24% *

    Valerie Sarratt - 30.76%

County Races:

County Commissioner #3

    Marc Straub - 64.80% *

    Norman Tupling - 35.20%


    Kevin Morris - 65.81% *

    Leeon Leyde - 34.19%

County Assessor

    Jim Ruud - unopposed

County Auditor

    Thad Duvall - unopposed

County Clerk

    Tristen Worthen - unopposed

Prosecuting Attorney

    Gordon Edgar - unopposed


    Natalie Marx - unopposed

District Court Judge

    Eric Biggar - 69.84% *

    Robert Hunter - 30.16%

Judicial Races:

Supreme Court Position #2

    Susan Owens - unopposed

Supreme Court Position #8

    Nathan Choi - 41.19%

    Steve Gonzalez - 58.81% *

Supreme Court Position #9

    Sheryl McCloud - unopposed


* -- election winner





Ballots have arrived for 2018

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Ballots should have arrived in all residents in Douglas County for the 2018 election cycle.   You should have also gotten our election guide to the officially endorsed candidate in the mail on Friday.   Please make sure to get your ballots in before November 6th, 2018.  All ballots have pre-paid postage.  If you drop off your ballot at a official drop box, the county will not be charged for the postage.   

Please strongly consider voting for Republicans in this election.   Washington state is much more purple than blue and we need to show it will high turnout and more elected Republicans.